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Jiangsu yisanjie Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2008 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan, and is located in the high-tech entrepreneurship Park recognized by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China. The company has 35 employees, 80% of whom are college or above, and 10% of whom are engaged in R & D. It has been rated as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, an excellent integrity unit in Jiangsu Province, a private science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a medical ultrasound coupling agent engineering technology research center in Yancheng City, and a high-tech enterprise in Yancheng City.
The company has three national invention patents, and its product medical disinfection coupling agent is rated as high-tech product of Jiangsu Province. In 2018, our company is in business negotiation with Korean pharmaceutical enterprises, and it is expected to jointly develop new products with Korean enterprises in 2019. The company is committed to the development of new medical devices, the implementation of the consolidation of a generation, research and development of a generation, design concept of a generation of development strategy. At present, the company has formed industry university research cooperation with Beijing University of chemical technology, Southeast University, Shandong Medical Device Research Institute and other institutions to jointly develop a series of products. It will establish enterprise doctor workstation and graduate workstation, establish various forms of cooperation and coordination, effectively organize and use social resources to serve the company's technological innovation gradually, and promote the process of enterprise modernization. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the same industry, jointly carry out strategic research and development, and promote the upgrading of industrial technology. We should make full use of the advanced medical device technology achievements at home and abroad for comprehensive analysis and clinical application development, continuously research and develop new products, processes and technologies with market prospect and competitiveness, actively digest, absorb and innovate the imported technologies, and form the leading products and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. This year, the company started to implement the national standards of the enterprise intellectual property management standard, guide and help enterprises to further strengthen the creation, application, management and protection of intellectual property, enhance the ability of independent innovation, realize the scientific management and strategic application of intellectual property, enhance the intellectual property awareness of enterprise leaders and employees, and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees for invention and creation, Promote enterprises to produce new products and technologies with high value-added independent intellectual property rights, enhance the value of intangible assets of enterprises, obtain greater profits in asset operations such as enterprise financing listing, investment, merger and sale, and improve the competitiveness of international and domestic markets.
Yisanjiu company firmly believes in excellent product quality and service quality, which is the primary embodiment of the enterprise's honesty, the basis and elements of building a culture of honesty, and the best means of competition for the enterprise. Production shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices, the code for the management of the production quality of medical devices, the code for the management of the operation quality of medical devices and the relevant laws and regulations of the state. Management personnel, technical personnel and inspection personnel suitable for the production of products, as well as the production site, production equipment and inspection equipment for safety and health shall be available to ensure the production Product quality and safety, and no major quality accidents. The company has established a quality management assurance system that conforms to the national standards, infiltrates it into all links of production and operation, strictly follows the quality management and quality assurance system, and comprehensively implements the "three inspection system" of "self inspection, special inspection and mutual inspection" and the "two self control and one control" system of "self inspection, self separation and control of product qualification rate" in the production process. In this way, not only the production and quality of products are always under control, but also the function of "prevention, check and report" is effectively played, and the quality management of the company is institutionalized and legalized.
The marketing of yisanjiu company adopts the targeted academic marketing method, establishes the national, provincial and regional expert networks of different disciplines, organizes various academic promotion activities through targeted research, and cooperates with relevant medical associations, pharmaceutical associations, magazines and other professional groups to build an academic promotion platform, Guide and strengthen the theoretical basis of all levels of clinicians for the company's product indications, guide and standardize their treatment awareness of the company's product indications, make the product name and connotation enter the terminal vision through a series of academic marketing activities, win the great attention and active participation of clinicians, experts and some academic groups, and gradually increase the brand influence in the industry, At the same time, it has exerted the academic influence of experts, led the clinical demand, and rapidly improved the market position.
Thirteen nine company educates all employees with the enterprise spirit of "honesty, truth-seeking, development and dedication", and establishes a good sales and after-sales service system. In recent years, enterprises have been developing rapidly in continuous innovation, strengthening communication and cooperation with upstream and downstream suppliers. At present, we are the regional agent of famous domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Johnson & Johnson, Bard, and belang. The company produces two second-class products. The market coverage is increasing year by year. The products are sold all over the major cities and regions in China. The company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with 345 agents all over the country, which makes the product quality of the company recognized by the market and wins the long-term reputation, reliable friends and eternal market for the enterprise.
The company has a young, professional and passionate excellent management team and a long-term equity incentive mechanism. The company's management team not only has rich experience in operation and management, but also has professional practice experience in the medical industry, with strong learning ability, and has a strong understanding of China's medical device industry

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